To All Male Members,

The Men’s Committee have issued the following in relation to the resumption of Men’s Competitions

Men’s competitions are restarting this coming weekend (Sat 22nd May).

I set out some notes for your attention.

a) Entry to the competition may be made in the Pro Shop or by using the HowDidiDo App

b) Score entry may be made using the terminal in the men`s locker room or HowDidiDo App

c) Score cards must be returned into the letter box left of terminal in the men`s locker room

d) All score cards must have the following information

1) Members name

2) Date of competition

3) Competition details ie. Single Stableford

4) Course Handicap AND Playing Handicap.

 5) Players signature

 6) Playing partners name and score details if possible.

As per COVID 19 restrictions we are still required to arrive-play-depart and I would ask for members to avoid groups in the locker room and Pro shop.

Bunkers: Our local rule still applies and should your ball be unfortunate to enter a bunker you can place the ball 6 inches from where it came to rest and not nearer the hole. Please use your feet to redo any foot prints that you might have caused.

Purse: As it has been such a long time since we have played competitions I would advise to check your purse balance. This can be topped up in the Pro-shop.

World Handicap System: All members have been issued with a WHS handicap. When you register to enter the competition the terminal will give you your playing handicap for the competition. This will be your course handicap x .95. The Course AND Playing handicap must be entered on your card. Your stableford score is determined by your Playing handicap only.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the competitions going by the full time sheets for the weekend. To assist and help the work of the closing officers I would be grateful if all cards would be returned through the App or terminal in the locker room.

Closing of competitions: Due to COVID 19 restrictions the competitions will not be closed until Tuesday evenings or 48 hours after the competition closes. As per restrictions we are to avoid handling cards for that period.


AN F A Q on the World Handicapping System is Available HERE

Men` Committee