Golf Resumes Monday 18 May Tullamore Protocols PLEASE READ




Dear Member,

As you are aware, we will reopen for golf on a limited basis from Monday next May 18th.

We are mindful of the recently introduced protocol.

It is essential that we all rigidly adhere to the measures being proposed.

We have formed a committee to help implement the protocol.

The following will apply from May 18th:

  • Players are asked to familiarise themselves with ‘Protocol for Republic of Ireland’ which can be downloaded from Copies of the Protocol are also posted on the front window of the Golf Club.
  • Members of the Committee will be available to provide details of the Protocol.
  • As we are experiencing unprecedented demand to play, members are limited to 3 bookings per week. Only 1 of these bookings can occur at weekends.

(To be reviewed on June 8th).

  • All players must book on-line if they wish to play

(restricted to members only until June 8th).

  • Timesheets will be at 14-minute intervals for 3-balls only (until June 29th).
  • Timesheets will operate from 07:30 to 19:30 each day.

No Golf is permitted outside these times.

  • Access to Locker Rooms and Trolley Store will be available for members to retrieve equipment, however members must take equipment home with them afterwards.
  • All bins will be removed from course. Members are requested to take rubbish home for disposal.
  • Bunkers will not be in play (until June 8th).
  • All Practise Areas of the course will be closed, except for the Putting Green and Chipping Area to the left of the first tee. (to be reviewed on June 8th).
  • Only three players are permitted on Putting Green at a time.
  • Only one player is permitted on Chipping Area at a time
  • The use of Buggies is limited to single occupancy only.
  • The club will not be hiring Buggies. (to be reviewed on June 8th).

We can appreciate that the regulations may seem onerous, however it is essential the Protocol is observed.

Yours sincerely

Seamus Dolan