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Details of Membership Available & Application Forms


Subscription Rates for 2017
Includes GUI/ILGU and Bar Levy, where applicable

Category Total Insurance
Grand total

Full Under/65 739/743 21 760/764
Full Over/65- 25 years membership 639/643 21 660/664
Full Over 70 * 639/643 21 660/664
Overseas/Country* 430 21 451
Distance* 454/458 21 475/479
Intermediate* 354/358 21 375/379
Introductory to Full* 354/358 21 375/379
Student* 159/163 21 183/184
Juniors 1st child* 80 21 101
Juniors 2 children * 55 21 76
Junior 3 children* 40 21 61
Pavilion* 50 0 50

* Notes:
Difference between men/lady is Union levies -  men = €24; Lady = €28
Full Over 70: Does not require to be a member for 25 years.
Country: Must be a member of a Club affiliated to a National Union.
Distance Membership:  Must reside more than 60 kms from the clubhouse
Intermediate Membership: Must be 28 yrs. or under. Moving up to full is staged over a three year period i.e. Year 1 - over 28 years = 75% of full subscription; Year 2 = 87% of full sub.;  Year 3 full subscription.
Introductory to Full Membership:  This is subject to certain conditions.
Student: This is for those in full time 3rd level education see below for further information.
Pavilion : This membership does not convey any rights to a say in the management of the club or to play the course.
Juniors:  Where there is more than one Junior in a family a member there is a reduced fee for 2nd and 3rd children.




The following membership categories are available. Please note there is NO Entrance Fee for applicants wishing to
join.  Application forms below.

Full Membership: This covers all adults over the age of 28 years.  Difference is due to Union levy. Insurance at €21 - Optional but recommended.

Intermediate Membership: This is for young adults who are no longer in full time education. Cost €354 (man) or €358 Lady). Includes GUI/ILGU Levy No other levies.  Insurance at €21 - optional but recommended.
Applicants do not have to be former members of Tullamore Golf Club but must be 28 years or under in the year of application.
Distance Membership:  NEW  Includes Union Levy. No other levies. Insurance at €21 - optional but recommended.

Country Membership; This covers any golfer who is a member in another Club and holds a CONGU handicap, even if not from an Irish based Club (e.g. could be from England Scotland or Wales).  Cost; €430.

Overseas Membership: Covers golfers who reside abroad and visit Ireland for a short period. They may not be members of an affiliated Golf Club.  Cost €430.  Insurance at €21 - optional but recommended.

Student Membership: Is available to those over 18 years and under 29 years who are attending a second level or third level school or college as a student on a full time basis or are completing an apprenticeship or a period of compulsory training/internship on a full time basis for the purpose of qualifying for a profession or craft.  Cost €159/163 includes GUI/ILGU Levies.  Insurance at €21  - optional but recommended.

Junior Membership: Membership in this category is now available for boys and girls once they reach 8 years.   
Reductions when more that one child a Junior member. Cost 1st Child €80; 2nd child €55 (cumulative €135); 3rd child €40 (cumulative €175). This includes Union levies of €5 per child.  Insurance at €21 - optional but recommended.
Relevant Application forms at bottom of page or click on linked type of membership above.
When you open the document the Print icon is 2nd at top r/h corner of screen

Further details can be obtained by contacting the office (9:15am to 2:15pm) at 057 9321439 or  email

Pavilion Membership is also available.


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