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Congrats to Rose Ann Keane who selected Card No 48 which was the 5 of spades and Rose Ann won €50 in the draw this evening. The Joker is still hiding. Other winners were Larry Lynam, Pat Mollen, Mark Davis, Miriam Cantwell and Sean Aherne. Next draw Wed 28th June and the Jackpot is now €2,250
===================================================================================The Joker is still wild after a further search last night. Card No. 9 turned, 2 of hearts and Dean Walsh was the lucky winner of€50. Winners of €10 each were George Dunne, Margaret Hogan, Loretta Flynn, Paddy Hughes and Elizabeth Taaffe. Jackpot is now €2,175 with next draw on 14th June
==================================================================================Congrats to David McCann who was the winner of €50 when card number 10 - ace of spades - was turned. So the Joker is still at large. Other winners were Mary Doherty, Declan and Rory (who will be sharing the spoils), Michael Lennon, Derek Mooney and Christopher Twamley Next draw on 31st May with Jackpot €2,100 well worth a €2 gamble
Jackpot now €2,025.  Christopher Twamley won €50 when Card No. 2 turnedbut no Joker. Other winners of €10 each; Mary Egan, PJ Horan, Dermot Glynn, J J O Neill and Stephen Ryan. Next Draw 18th May Entry €2 at the bar.
Congrats to Pamela Smullen who won €50 in the Joker tonight 5th April when card No 35, the 5 of hearts, was turned. However, the Joker is still in hiding. Winners of €10 each were Tom Heery, Brigid Horan, Eamonn Buggy Helen Egan and Matthew Hyland. Next draw on Tuesday 18th April when the jackpot will be €1,875.

Ethna Adams was the winner of €50 when Card No 5 was turned. The winner of the €50 was Etna Adams and the €10 winners were Bridget Horan, Ray Ryan, David Loughlin, Matthew Hyland and Ray Coughlan - congrats to all.Next Draw on Wed 5th April when Jackpot will be €1,800. Thanks for the continued support.
Jane Coen won €50 when Card number 22 was tyurned on 8th March. Other winners of €10 each were P J Horan, Frances O Grady, Mark Rowland, Maura Keegan and Ruadhri Clarke.
Marie Daly won the €50 when card No 39 was turned.  Tom Walsh (Rahan Rd), Miriam Hogan, P J Fitzpatrick, Ethna Adams & Vivian Deering all won €10. Next Draw Wed 8th March. JACKPOT €1,675
Joker JaCKPOT now €1,600 Next Draw 22nd February Entry €2.  Alison O Kelly won €50 when card No. 43 was turned. Other winners of €10 were Kay Moylan, Michael Lynam, Richelle O Neill, Carmel Manton and Eileen Kinsella
Joker JACKPOT IS NOW €1,450 Draw Wednesday 25th January. €50 if not turned and five x €10 extra prizes. Entry €2
Declan Harvey won €50 when card No 12 turned. Other winners of a tenner were P J McCabe, Jack Egan & Charlie & Noel Next Draw  Sunday 18th Dec. Special Prizes of 2 x €50 and five x €10 if Joker not found. Be in to win Just €2
Next Draw Wed 7th December Jackpot €1,225. €50 if Joker not turned and 3 tenners on envelopes
Michelle Farrell won€35 on draw when card No 29 turned. Ger Doyle, breege Doherty & Brian Gunning all got a tenner.
Next Draw Wed 9th Nov. if Joker not turned €35 for card turned and three prizes of €10 on envelopes. Be in to win.
Last Draw - Noel Clarke was the lucky winner of €50. Five envelopes were then drawn and each received €10. The winners were Maureen Conway, Helen Egan, Margaret Allen, P.J. Barron and John Tuohey.
Anna Ryan latest winner of €25 when Card No 1 7 diamonds turned.  Special Draw for Halloween on 26th October. Jackpot increased to €1,025 and €50 payout id not turned. Only €2 at the bar.
JACKPOT NOW €950. Next Draw Wed 12th Oct.  Catherine Taaffe won €25 when Card No. 6 - 4 diamonds - turned
Next draw wednesday 28th September. Jimmy Feery won the €25 last time Not in you can't win  €2 entry ================================================================================
Next draw is on Wed. 14th September with a JACKPOT of €850 Entry €2 at the bar
Liam McCormack won €25 in the last draw card No 47 was turned 9 hearts Well done Liam thanks to all for the continued
Next draw Thursday 1st September Jackpot now €800 Only €2 to enter at the bar. if not in you can't win
Monica O Reilly won €50 when card No.4 (4 spaces) turned and Ollie Dixon won €25 when No 17(3 spades) turned
Next Draw Thursday 18th Aug.  Jackpot €750. If Joker not turned 2nd card will be drawn.  Liam Scally was the winner of the latest draw for the Joker when Card 52 turned revealing the 6 of hearts.  The Joeker is still at large.
Our popular barman, Charlie Palmer was the winner of €25 at last draw but Joker still wiaitng to be turned
Jackpot now €710 Cost €2 envelopes at the bar Next Draw Thursday 4th August
Next draw 23rd June jackpot €550 Congrats to Tony Kenny who turned card No 50 and collected €25. €2 to enter
Next Draw Wednesday 8th June - Jackpot up to €475  - Congrats to Aisling Quinlin winner of €25 with Card No 11 in the draw on 26th May. Still only €2 to enter.
The Draw on 2nd may saw Paddy Hughes's selection of card No. 14 being turned and got him €25.
Tom Heery picked up €25 in the most recent draw but the Joker is still at large
The new search has commenced with Brian Gunning winning €25 when card No. 18 turned. Next Draw 20th April.
Congratulations to Noel Cantwell who hit the jackpot winning €1,400.  Card No. 1 had 14 names on it and in the re-draw Noel was the lucky winner.  €625 has been won over the period so well done to all and thanks for the support.  Another search wiull start straight away.
Next Draw Monday 4th April when the prize for turning the Joker will be €1,400,  Best of luck to all who are supporting this fundraiser.
Easter Draw took place this Saturday evening 26 March and the Joker is still at large.  Lady Captain Fiona Flanagan and Mary Egan each picked up €50 when card Nos. 51 & 4 were turned.
Next Draw Easter Saturday. If Joker not turned €50. Special 2nd draw and if not turned another €50 Just for Easter
John Leogue won €50 with Card no 20 - 9 spades. Mary Daly won €25 with card 49  - 5 Clubs
Next Draw 16th March. If Joker not found €50 for 1st card drawn & there will be a 2nd draw in honour of our Patron Saint  The Joker still not found. Camillus Hogan picked up €25 on Card No. 26 - 3 of hearts. 
The Joker is still at Large Next draw Monday 7th March Jackpot now €1,100
Trevor Brown picked up €25 in the Draw on Wednesday 24th Feb. Well done Trevor.
Next Draw on Wed 24th February with the Jackpot now at €1,000.
Michael Kilmartin and Seamus Dolan were the lucky winners of €25 each in the draw on the 15th.
Next Draw Friday 6th February withthe Jackpot now at €800.  be sure to be in to have a chance
Congrats to Roseanne Keane who picked up €25 in the draw on 26th January.
Next Draw on Tuesday 26th January Jackpot will be €700
Michael Fox won the €25 when he selected card No 32 which was the Ace of hearts
Next Draw Monday 4th January when the Jackpot will be€550

The last draw saw Frank Ryan and Joyce Marsden winning €25 each when they turned Card No. 17 and 53 respectively
The last Draw saw the Eight of Spades (No 33) being turned. Grace Ann Finnegan winning €25
Entries at Bar.  €2
The 7th Draw saw the Jack of Spades (No 14) being turned. Ruth Curran won €25
Next draw is on Friday 11th December. Entries at Bar.
The 6th Draw revealed card No 27 - (4 Hearts).Eileen Byrne won €25
Next draw is on MONDAY 30th November. Entries at Bar.
The 5th Draw to find the Joker resulted in Card No 4 ( 8 Diamonds) being selected from the drum.
Mick Caffrey was the winner of the €25 on this occasion.
Next draw Wednesday 18th November @ 9.00p.m.
The 4th Draw saw card No 46 beng turned -and it was NOT the Joker. Donal Hogan won €25.
Next draw is on Sunday 8th November.
The third Draw saw card No 12 being turned and it was not the Joker. Maureen Conway won €25 having nominated this card. Next draw on Wednesday 28th October at 9.00 p.m.

Card No 42 was nominated by Leonard O Keeffe in the draw on Sunday 11th October and Leonard wins €25 and the Joker is still there to be found.  Next Draw Sunday €2 to nominate your card
The 1st Draw saw card No 38 being turned and it was not the Joker.  Frances O Donohue was the winner of €25 having nominated card No 38.  Next draw Sunday 11th at 5.30 pm and the Jackpot will be €100.  If not turned the person who selected the card turned will win €25 (See Rule 8 below).   






FIND THE JOKER               
  1. A complete deck of cards plus the Joker is shuffled and each card is placed in the notice board face down and numbered 1 to 53 in numerical order. The locked notice board is visible to all.
  2. To enter the draw write your selected number where you think the Joker resides with your name and contact number on one of the small white envelopes available at the bar, place a €2 coin in the envelope. Place your completed envelope in the Joker Box at the side of the bar in the Lounge for the draw.
  3. You can only choose one number per envelope, but you can enter as many €2 envelopes as you want and as many different numbers as you want.  The only stipulation with numbers is that the number 6 must be underlined or else it is considered a 9
  4. All draws will take place in Tullamore Golf Club in public on dates chosen by the Game Committee.
  5. On the first night of the draw there will be 53 cards to draw from and the second draw night 52 and so on until the Joker Card is found.
  6. 53 balls numbered 1 to 53 will be placed in the container from which one ball will be drawn. The number selected will be announced. The numbered card will be removed from the notice board and the card exposed.
  7. The exposed card will now be placed face outward in the notice board and the game will continue until the next draw date and so forth until the Joker is found. As the number of exposed cards becomes greater finding the Joker becomes more interesting.
  8. When the Joker is found then all participants with the correct number in that draw will go into a further draw using all those envelopes that have the drawn number and the winner of this draw will get the Joker money.
  9. The Joker Jackpot will start at €50 and will increase each draw as the game progresses. The more people that play the greater the Joker Jackpot. The Joker Jackpot will be announced before each draw and the game will continue until the Joker is found.  A prize of at least €25 will be available at each draw for the drawn card if the Joker is not found (rule No. 8 will apply).
  10. The decision of the Joker Game Committee on all matters in relation to Find the Joker Draw will be final.
  11. All proceeds from the Find the Joker Game will go to Club Funds.



             Committee:    M.Taaffe,  T. Heery,  T. Guiney

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